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ƸӜƷ❤ Bonjour a toutes et tous. J'espère que vous avez passé une bonne journée tous le monde va bien? . Merci pour cette belle
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✿ ڿڰۣڿ✿✿Angel Of May✿✿ ڿڰۣڿ✿

Angel Of May

~The angel of all motherhood

She kisses child each night

Wraps a child in special wings

Holds all children tight

She is a perfect answer to

A Mother's special prayer

Forever she is constantly

Hovering somewhere

A treasured gift this angel is

She'll always do her part

Protect each gift that you receive

That lives inside your heart

A gift from God, He sent her here

To hold your child so close

The precious gift a child to love

A most angelic host

So, say a prayer to her each night

Forever she'll be near

A Guardian to every child

Each one her heart will wear~

✿(( ◐̃‿ ◐̃ ))✿For people to look at me Just a little hello✿(( ◐̃‿ ◐̃ ))

I can see pass when I'm sitting You're up, in a hurry,

I appreciate it A little look, a little smile

◐̃‿ ◐̃Bonjour mes amies and amis ◐̃‿ ◐̃

Bonjour mes amies & amis

Je vous souhaite de passer une bonne journée

Suivi d'une excellente fin de semaineBien amicalement.




-"Knocked on the door September clothed with morning mist.

-And what are you bringing us here?

Mr. September dear.

-I bring you Golden Autumn,

and she paints golden it will color the leaves

on the trees, will turn red in mountain ash,

hangs pearls on a spider web.

A handful of sunbeams in the colors of the rainbow over the world

September in the golden autumn say goodbye to a beautiful summer.

Have a nice Sunday on the last day of the weekend as well as all the up coming

Have a nice and warm new week.

⋟☀️⋞LOVE YOU⋟☀️⋞

⋟♥⋞☀️⋟♥⋞????Love You????⋟♥⋞☀️⋟♥⋞

I wish that your Monday week

is very blessed and that you keep

chasing your goals in life

and that nothing and no one stops

are saying you won't make it.

Have a great blessed new weekday!

Kisses????'Happy' and Hug!!

⋟♥⋞☀️⋟♥⋞????Love You????⋟♥⋞☀️⋟♥⋞