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☆:*¨¨*ⓛ☆ⓞ☆ⓥ☆ⓔ*¨¨*:☆ ☆:*¨¨*Ç☆Î☆ß☆ⓔ☆®☆H☆ⓞ☆L☆Î☆Ç*¨¨*:☆ My Eyes say more than my mouth. And Dos mundos y un amor,
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Mahjong addict

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Ukitake say's "Welcome!
Name: Ask me.
Age: 14
Hair: B
Eye: Blue-Green
Skin: Ivory
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Books: The Lovely Bones, The Spies of Warsaw, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Host, The Nightwalkers Series, Jane Austen, Pictures of Dorian Grey, Shakespeare, The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Kisses Series, Atonment, Nicolas Sparks.
Cosas que me gustan
Reading, Writing, Fangirl-ing, Drama Club, Blogging.
Cosas que no me gustan
Hello! I'm La Kaprichoza and this is my profile. Before we get into the 'About Me' segment, we must talk rules.
1. I DON'T do requests. period, no questions.
2. Please no people older than me. I don't like it and I don't think it works.
3. Don't hate on my Fandoms and I won't hate on yours.
4. Keep hurtful comments to yourself. If you don't want to be hated-ed on, don't hate on me.
5. Respect others who comment on my page.

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