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President Donald Trump
Rescue equipment has been brought to Texas from outside the state but officials are also appealing t...


Church only opens doors when the collection plate can be passed

Our hearts break as we see the damage and destruction in our city. Please join us in helping Houston recover. Visit   @JoelOsteen    

My friend say: hypocrite!! Lining your own pockets is disgusting.

Maybe this mega church conman could also house thousands of victims
in his obscene mansion as well?
 When u fly off in your private jet to escape the floods the way Jesus intended.


FYI for Texas folk who have damage to their homes and businesses because of Hurricane Harvey

Joel Osteen net worth 

Joel Osteen Confirms Church Did Not Flood, But What About the Photos?

They're already begging

Joel Osteen net worth 

  Joel Osteen’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Osteen is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Often referred to as a megachurch,

his ministry’s home is the former home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets and his sermons are broadcast to millions of faithful each week.

He also has his own station on Sirius XM satellite radio, on which listeners can hear him preach 24 hours a day.

Joel Osteen net worth

1. Osteen Was Slammed on Social Media for Not Donating Money to Help People in Houston Following Hurricane Harvey.

As Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston, Texas, over the weekend,
Osteen took to Twitter to send out messages of prayer and strength to people during this incredibly challenging time.
Thousands of people have been displaced following the severe flooding caused by the torrential downpours.
Southeastern Texas is still experiencing heavy rain as the storm has stalled off the coast.
It is not expected to move out of the area until Wednesday.
It didn’t take long for Twitter to respond to Osteen,
 many asking why he hasn’t opened the doors to his church in an effort to shelter those who have been displaced
by the floods in the area. In addition, people have been asking Osteen why he hasn’t donated any money to relief efforts.
You can read some of the Twitter responses here.

Joel Osteen net worth

2. Osteen Used to Earn $200,000 Per Year from the Ministry

Osteen is a celebrity pastor. He took over as pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, for his dad, John Osteen,

who died suddenly back in 1999. Joel Osteen’s congregation has grown from 5,000 to 43,000 over the years, which is pretty impressive.

His sermons are televised all over the world, and while that sounds like it would translate to big bucks,

 Osteen actually gave up his church salary of $200,000 per year back in 2005. So,

how does Osteen make the majority of his money? He has been fortunate enough to have wild success with his books.

 In addition he has calendars, daybooks, and other items to his name that help him earn a living.

3. Osteen Makes the Majority of His Money from His Books

Joel Osteen net worth

His first book, Your Best Life Now became a New York Times best-seller.

The book is about becoming who you truly believe you are.

“I am what I am today because of what I believed about myself yesterday.

And I will be tomorrow what I’m believing about myself right now.

God sees us as more than conquerors, able to fulfill our destiny.

We need to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator,” he writes.

His second book, Become A Better You, has earned him over $13 million,

according to Celebrity Net Worth. In this book, Osteen gives a few tips to help people discover their “purpose and destiny.”

The site adds that Osteen’s book deals and things related to those (i.e. book tours) have made him about $55 million per year.

4. Osteen & His Wife Live in a $10.5 Million Mansion


Maybe this mega church conman could also house thousands of victims in his obscene mansion as well?

Osteen lives in a 17,000-foot mansion in River Oaks, Texas, with his wife, Victoria,

 and their children. According to Newsmax, the home has six bedrooms, six bathrooms,

 three elevators, five fireplaces, a pool house, and a guest house.

Back in 2010, Culture Map reported that Osteen still owned his home in Tanglewood,

which was valued at $2.9 million. At the time, the report claimed that Osteen was selling a vacant lot next to his former home.

The half-acre property had been listed for $1.1 million.

5. Osteen Doesn’t Feel He Should Apologize for His Wealth

Joel Osteen net worth

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show, Next Chapter, Osteen was very clear about his wealth and not apologizing for it.

“It’s interesting how, you know what? People usually know who’s sincere and who’s not over time and I think that’s

— we don’t ask for money and people send in millions of dollars to help us keep the broadcast on the air,”

Osteen told Winfrey. In that interview, Osteen also confirmed that the majority of his salary comes from his books.

“We don’t take a salary from the ministry…it comes from books and other things like that,” he said.

Winfrey asked if Osteen “makes any apologies” for his “grand piano.”

“I really don’t, Oprah. We just feel like this is God’s blessings. You know, we’re big givers,

we live what we preach, we’ve given millions of dollars.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a nice place to live and being blessed,” he said.


August 30th, 2017
They claimed that the church was flooded and showed pictures that were supposed to be proof.
Yet people actually went to the church and recorded the place.
Then all of a sudden the flood waters disappeared and everything was DRYED OUT.
I bet every business that has flooded water in them would like to know the answers, so they can get their businesses opened up. 




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✭✰✭✰✭✰They're already begging✭✰✭✰ ✭✰


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Joel Osteen twitter

Our hearts break as we see the damage and destruction in our city.

 Please join us in helping Houston recover.

Lakewood Church flooded

Joel Osteen Says Megachurch Didn’t Open Earlier Because Houston ‘Didn’t Ask’

He is a goddamn CHURCH.

You shouldn't have to be *asked* to open your doors for people in need,

or you should stop pretending to be a religious institution.

 There have been numerous rumors surrounding Lakewood Church in Houston,

Texas, where Joel Osteen serves as the pastor.
As Hurricane Harvey dumped several inches of rain on the Houston area,
some people found themselves wondering if Osteen’s church
— which was once the home of the Houston Rockets
— would open its doors to the public.
However, the church ended up closing over the weekend,
canceling Sunday services due to the storm.
On August 27, Lakewood Church posted an update on Facebook.
Dear Houstonians! Lakewood Church is inaccessible due to severe flooding!
We want to help make sure you are safe.
Please see the list below for safe shelters around our city,
and please share this with those in need,” the update read in part.

Since that time, several photos and videos of the church

has been posted on social media.

Some people claim that the church did not suffer any flooding

and that the areas around the outside of the church prove

that the water levels didn’t get very high and that the church managed

to stay dry inside despite the severe weather.

You can see a couple of these photos and a video below.


Joel Osteen church
    This is why people (rightly) assume we're hypocrites. Because of shit like this. This is not ministry. It's cowardice.

Joel Osteen’s Church Issues Statement After Getting Backlash for Not Opening Doors to Hurricane Victims

Pastor Joel Osteen can’t seem to get his story straight about why he didn’t offer his 16,800-seat megachurch

in Houston as a shelter sooner for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

During an appearance on NBC’s “TODAY” show Wednesday,

the head of Lakewood Church said its doors have “always been open.”

 Minutes later, he appeared to reverse course and admit that the church hadn’t initially

encouraged victims to seek shelter there.

“If people were here, they’d realize there were safety issues,”

Osteen said during the TV appearance. “We were just being precautious,

but the main thing is the city didn’t ask us to become a shelter then.”

​Houston-based celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is coming under fire on

Twitter for not opening up the doors to his Church for storm victims to take shelter.

Osteen — pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church —

has kept the doors closed even though pictures on

Twitter appear to show that the Church escaped the brunt of the storm.

Lakewood Church — which was formerly an NBA arena called The Summit,

home to the Houston Rockets — holds 16,800 people.

Lakewood Church posted on Facebook Sunday writing,

"Dear Houstonians! Lakewood Church is inaccessible due to severe flooding!"

The post received backlash on social media when photos were

posted that seemed to contradict those claims. The church,

home to one of the largest congregations in the country,

says its doors are now open and receiving anyone who needs shelter.

Osteen joined "CBS This Morning" from Houston to address the controversy and discuss

what his church is doing to help the city

Following claims from around the internet that Lakewood Church,

and its leader, Joel Osteen, weren't doing anything

for the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey,

the organization spoke out Monday night to try and set the record straight.

Two media giants, the New York Post and New York Daily News,

gave credence to angry Twitter users and other media personalities

questioning the megachurch for not opening its doors to people

forced from their homes from flooding.  

Don Iloff, spokesman for Lakewood, told late Monday

that the church has never been closed during Harvey and staff was instructed

to aid anyone who came to their doors looking for help.  

"It's not our unwillingness, it's just practicality. It's been a safety issue for us,"

 Iloff said, adding that Harvey's heavy rainfall almost spilled over Lakewood's

floodgate this past weekend. "Lakewood Church has a heart for this city."  


None of that is true. There was flooding – if we didn't have our floodgates out back here, it was within one foot. This building flooded in 2001.


Osteen's comment stands in contrast to a church Facebook post and a since-deleted Instagram remark by Lakewood associate pastor John Gray,

who said flooded highways had made the church inaccessible. A spokeswoman for Osteen didn't immediately return a request for comment Tuesday.

A picturesque view of Houston's symbolic highway system ferrying residents of the United States' fourth largest city around town
Maybe the best sunset Houston has ever seen, or needed .

Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina cover a portion of New Orleans on Aug. 30, 2005.



Damage to a hotel in Victoria.


Destroyed houses in Rockport.


A burnt-out house that caught fire after Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi.



 Family disappear, nearly floods his truck as Hurricane Harvey comes ashore in Corpus Christi. Minutes later, high winds blew off the camper carrying all of his belongings.

Interstate highway 45 is submerged during widespread flooding in Houston.: 0828_houston_hurricane_01








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★★★★★★★★V E N E Z U E L A★★★★★★★★




Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a federal republic located on the northern coast of South America. It is bordered by Colombia on the west, Brazil on the south, Guyana on the east, and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago to the north-east. Venezuela covers 916,445 km² and has over 31 million people. The country has extremely high biodiversity, with habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the south, via extensive llanos plains and Caribbean coast in the center and the Orinoco River Delta in the east.


Venezuela Flag Image
Venezuela Flag Colors - meaning

 Yellow stands for the riches of the land

Blue represents the courage of Venezuela's people and Venezuela's independence from Spain

 Red symbolizes the blood shed in Venezuela's struggle for independence

Eight stars represent the eight provinces in Venezuela that united in the war of independence

Venezuela Flag history
The Venezuela flag is based on the flag designed by Francisco de Miranda for his unsuccessful attempt to liberate Venezuela and later adopted by the National Congress of 1811. This original design was first flown on March 12, 1806 at Jacmel, Haiti as Miranda's expedition prepared to make the final leg of its voyage to Venezuela. The flag was first flown over Venezuelan soil at La Vela de Coro, on August 3. Until August 3, 2006, Flag Day was celebrated in Venezuela on March 12. Since 2006 it has been celebrated on August 3. In 2006, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's first flag, an eighth star was added to the existing seven stars in the middle of the flag to represent the historical province of Guayana, one of the Provinces of Venezuela at the time of the declaration of independence. The details of the coat of arms were also modified on that occasion and those changes include a white horse galloping left instead of right, a bow and arrow representing Venezuelas indigenous people and a machete to represent the labor of workers.

Coat of Arms


Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro           

 Venezuelas president, Nicolás Maduro: We dont carry the yellow star of David ... we carry red hearts.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rises his clenched fist during a political meeting in Caracas

And Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson warned that Venezuela "stands on the brink of disaster."

"Nicolas Maduro's government must stop before it is too late," he said.

However, old allies Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Russia stood by Maduro, who shrugged off mass protests and a previous round of US sanctions on some of his officials to see through the election.

Cuba, Venezuela's closest ally, charged that "a well-organised international operation was under way, led from Washington, with the support of the OAS chief, aimed at silencing the voice of the Venezuelan people, and forcing them into submission with attacks and economic sanctions." 





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Thanks for your Visit on my MURO!

Thanks for your Visit on my MURO!

























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0_93.pngImage result for First Ladies of United States of AmericaImage result for First Ladies of United States of America






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Image result for breaking news imagesrefugiadossiriaargentinajewargentinajewNo recibamos refugiados y te cuento porqué

 Italia: “Refugiados” cortan las calles y atacan a los peatones

por estar 45 minutos con el agua cortada.


Islamistas destrozan lápidas de veteranos de guerra británicos,
australianos y canadiense.
¿Islam radicalizado o creencias comunes?



siriarefugiadosNo recibamos refugiados y te cuento porqué


★•★•★12 arrested after London attack; ISIS claims responsibility★•★•★


Image result for breaking news imagesA couple hug at the police corden at the north end of London Bridge in London on June 4, after leaving flowers in tribute to the victims of the June 3 terror attack.sunBorough MarketBorough MarketPolice responding to the attack in Borough MarketPolice raid and make arrests at an East London address

Authorities made 12 arrests and conducted exhaustive searches across an East London 

neighborhood Sunday after a rampage that left seven dead,

dozens more injured and once again brought chaos and fear to the streets of America's closest European ally.

Three suspected terrorists also were killed in Saturday night's attack, 

and 21 of the 48 injured remained in critical condition late Sunday.

The attack at iconic London Bridge and a nearby market was the third terrorist

strike in Britain in less than three months.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for Saturday's attacks,

the SITE intelligence group said Sunday. 

Eyewitnesses said they heard the men shout "this is for Allah,British media reported.

"It is time to say enough is enough," Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday.

 She called for tougher measures to contain Islamic extremism,

saying the recent attacks are not directly linked, but terrorism breeds terrorism. 

They are bound together by the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred,

sows division and promotes sectarianism,she said.

It is an ideology that claims our Western values and freedom,

democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam."

May also called for international agreements to regulate cyberspace

and deny terrorism the "safe space it needs to breed."

Twitter and Google were among major tech firms issuing statements saying

they were working to deny terrorists an online voice.

Police said a van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge,

then drove to the nearby Borough Market where the attackers went on a stabbing rampage.

Armed officers confronted three suspects,

who police said were wearing "hoax" suicide vests, at the market.

Mark Rowley, head of counterterrorism for Metropolitan Police,

said eight officers firing about 50 shots killed all three attackers.

One member of the public suffered a gunshot wound,

but the injuries were not believed to be critical, he said.

"The situation these officers were confronted with was critical,

 a matter of life and death," Rowley said. "Three armed men,

wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, had already attacked and killed members

of the public and had to be stopped immediately."

Rowley lauded the courage of officers who ran toward the attack as it unfolded.

"I am humbled by the bravery of an officer who will rush toward a potential suicide bomber

thinking only of protecting others," he said.

Counterterrorism police units made the arrests Sunday during a sweep

 in the suburban community of Barking,

and more homes in the area were being searched, Rowley said.

The alleged connection to the attack was not revealed.

Rowley said investigators were working to learn more about the attackers,

their connections and whether they were assisted by others not at the scene. 

"We will work relentlessly to establish the facts," he said.

Some of the 48 wounded and taken to local hospitals had life-threatening injuries,

and 36 remained hospitalized late Sunday, police said. Among them was a British

Transport Police officer in stable condition after showing

"enormous courage in the face of danger, as did many others who were at the scene

and rushed to help," Chief Constable Paul Crowther said".

An off-duty London police officer also was injured.














Wishing you a warm and wonderful week!

Historic figures have homes to visit for posterity;

the Lord of history left no home.

Luminaries leave libraries and write their memoirs;

He left one book, penned by ordinary people.

Deliverers speak of winning through might and conquest;

He spoke of a place in the heart.


✬.✬✬Changes in language often reflect the changing values of a culture✬✬.✬


Image result for breaking news imagesImage du Blog

Good Wednesday everyone home return of the sun. 

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 emthup.gifChanges in language often reflect the changing values of a culture emthup.gif

nouveau défiRépondre n'importe quoi aux enfants  ...  ça craint !

In the 1950s young kids lost their innocence.
They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs,

cars, and lyrics in music that gave rise to a new term

---the generation gap.
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Petites blagounettes   ...   pour se détendre un peu !Petites blagounettes   ...   pour se détendre un peu !
In the 1960s, young-kids lost their authority.
It was a decade of protest---church, state,

and parents were all called into question and found wanting.

Their authority was rejected, yet nothing ever replaced it.

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Juste une petite blagounette  ...


In the 1970s, young-kids lost their love.

Image du Blog
Self-image, Self-esteem, Self-assertion....

It made for a lonely world.

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Kids learned everything there was to know about sex and forgot

everything there was to know about love,

and no one had the nerve to tell them there was a difference.

Image du Blog
La pluie aussi est un
In the 1980s, young-kids lost their hope.
Stripped of innocence, authority and love and plagued by

the horror of a nuclear nightmare,

large and growing numbers of this generation

stopped believing in the future.

Une petite blagounette   ...  toute mignonne !

Hebergeur d'image

L' Amour et le Mariage   ...    vus par les enfants !

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In the 1990s young-kids lost their power to reason.

It was the decade of me-ism dominated by hyphenated

words beginning with self.

Less and less were they taught the very basics of language,

truth, and logic and they grew up with the irrationality

of a postmodern world.

Ma nouvelle machine à café   ...  pour le fun !

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In the new millennium, young-kids woke up and found out

that somewhere in the midst of all this change,

they had lost their imagination.

Humour en images   ...  sans autre commentaire !

Petite blagounette   ...   pour se détendre un peu !

RHÔôôôôôôôôôôôôôôô    ...

Juste pour le fun   ...   surprise , surprise  !

Image du Blog yvonne92110.centerblog.netDu côté des enfants    ...

Info ou Intox     ...    A vous de voir  !Image du Blog yvonne92110.centerblog.netUne note d'humour   ...   pour bien commencer la journée !Image du Blog

Violence and perversion entertained them

till none could talk of killing innocents since.

As children who died in bombing of Manchester.

And the WORLD.

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Petite blagounette ... en images !


These days its not just that the line between right and wrong has been made unclear,

today Christians are being asked by our culture today to erase the lines and move the fences,

and if that were not bad enough,

we are being asked to join in the celebration cry by those who have thrown off

 the restraints religion had imposed upon them.

It is not just that they ask we accept,

but they now demand of us to celebrate it too.



Image du Blog

The great man who it seems would be true, who knows.

We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.

Time is the brush of God, as he paints his masterpiece on the heart of humanity.

Image may contain: 1 person

Un petit sourire en passant   ...






Image result for breaking news imagesbelle imageImage may contain: 1 personbth_easter-resurrection-of-jesus_zpseca8

Sabían que cuando Einstein.

daba alguna conferencia en las numerosas universidades de USA,

la pregunta recurrente que le hacían los estudiantes era:
-¿Cree Ud. en Dios?
Y él siempre respondía:
-Creo en el Dios de Spinoza.

El que no había leído a Spinoza se quedaba en las mismas

Espero que esta joyita de la historia, les sirva tanto como a mi.

RodrigoBaruch de Spinoza, fue un filósofo Holandés

considerado uno de los tres grandes

racionalistas de la filosofía del siglo XVII,

junto con el francés Descartes.

Aquí algo de él.

Este es el Dios o Naturaleza de Spinoza:

Dios hubiera dicho:

"Deja ya de estar rezando y dándote golpes en el pecho!

Lo que quiero que hagas es que salgas al mundo a disfrutar de tu vida.
Quiero que goces, que cantes, que te diviertas y que disfrutes

de todo lo que he hecho para ti.

¡Deja ya de ir a esos templos lúgubres, obscuros y fríos

que tú mismo construiste y que dices que son mi casa.
Mi casa está en las montañas, en los bosques,

los ríos, los lagos, las playas.

Ahí es en donde vivo y ahí expreso mi amor por ti.

Deja ya de culparme de tu vida miserable;

yo nunca te dije que había nada mal en ti o que eras un pecador,

o que tu sexualidad fuera algo malo.
El sexo es un regalo que te he dado y con el

que puedes expresar tu amor, tu éxtasis, tu alegría.

Así que no me culpes a mí por todo lo que te han hecho creer.

Deja ya de estar leyendo supuestas escrituras sagradas

que nada tienen que ver conmigo.

Si no puedes leerme en un amanecer, en un paisaje,

en la mirada de tus amigos, en los ojos de tu hijito...
¡No me encontrarás en ningún libro!
Confía en mí y deja de pedirme.

¿Me vas a decir a mí como hacer mi trabajo?

Deja de tenerme tanto miedo.

Yo no te juzgo, ni te crítico, ni me enojo,

ni me molesto, ni castigo. Yo soy puro amor.

Deja de pedirme perdón, no hay nada que perdonar.

Si yo te hice... yo te llené de pasiones, de limitaciones,

de placeres, de sentimientos, de necesidades,

de incoherencias... de libre albedrío

¿Cómo puedo culparte si respondes a algo que yo puse en ti?

¿Cómo puedo castigarte por ser como eres,

si yo soy el que te hice?

¿Crees que podría yo crear un lugar para quemar

a todos mis hijos que se porten mal,

por el resto de la eternidad?
¿Qué clase de dios puede hacer eso?

Olvídate de cualquier tipo de mandamientos,

de cualquier tipo de leyes; esas son artimañas

para manipularte, para controlarte,

que sólo crean culpa en ti.

Respeta a tus semejantes

y no hagas lo que no quieras para ti.

Lo único que te pido es que pongas atención en tu vida,

que tu estado de alerta sea tu guía.

Amado mío, esta vida no es una prueba,

ni un escalón, ni un paso en el camino, ni un ensayo,

ni un preludio hacia el paraíso.

Esta vida es lo único que hay aquí y ahora

y lo único que necesitas.

Te he hecho absolutamente libre,

no hay premios ni castigos, no hay pecados ni virtudes,

nadie lleva un marcador, nadie lleva un registro.
Eres absolutamente libre para crear

en tu vida un cielo o un infierno.

No te podría decir si hay algo después de esta vida,

pero te puedo dar un consejo.

Vive como si no lo hubiera.

Como si esta fuera tu única oportunidad de

disfrutar, de amar, de existir.

Así, si no hay nada,

pues habrás disfrutado de la oportunidad que te di.

Y si lo hay, ten por seguro que no te voy a preguntar

si te portaste bien o mal, te voy a preguntar ¿Te gustó?...

¿Te divertiste? ¿Qué fue lo que más disfrutaste?

¿Qué aprendiste?...

Deja de creer en mí; creer es suponer,

adivinar, imaginar.

Yo no quiero que creas en mí, quiero que me sientas en ti.

Quiero que me sientas en ti cuando besas a tu amada,

cuando arropas a tu hijita, cuando acaricias a tu perro,

cuando te bañas en el mar.

Deja de alabarme, ¿Qué clase de Dios ególatra crees que soy?
Me aburre que me alaben, me harta que me agradezcan.

¿Te sientes agradecido? Demuéstralo cuidando de ti,

de tu salud, de tus relaciones, del mundo.

¿Te sientes mirado, sobrecogido?...

¡Expresa tu alegría! Esa es la forma de alabarme.

Deja de complicarte las cosas y de repetir como perico

lo que te han enseñado acerca de mí.

Lo único seguro es que estás aquí, que estás vivo,

que este mundo está lleno de maravillas.

¿Para qué necesitas más milagros? ¿Para qué tantas explicaciones?

No me busques afuera, no me encontrarás.


belle image 

Búscame dentro... ahí estoy, latiendo en ti".





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