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✿♥Real friends make TIME for you. ღ◕‿◕ღ☆ True friendship requires time and sincere effort. ✿ •*´¯✿**** Bonjour à Vous .... Bonne
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──═ڿڰۣ❤ڿڰۣڿ═── LOVE──═ڿڰۣ❤ڿڰۣڿ═──


Best feeling in the world: love.

everything else is pure side dish,

crumbs that the wind blows away,

footprints in the sand erased by a long wave

a drop of water dried by a blow of air

a grain of wheat in an ocean of wheat

a faint leaf on an infinite tree

a soft whisper in the din of a storm ...

love changes the color of things

it changes sounds into melody, transforms smells into perfumes

it changes the touches into caresses, it makes the salty sweet

revives every day.