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What can i say???

People really need to take a serious look at their own lives before they start taking it out on and talking about everyone else....Maybe your own sexuality .....Maybe the way you look at ART   YES   DAMMIT   ART ....Such prudes really do exist...If you can't handle ART....pure and simple ART ..(NOT p****. Imagine how you feel about your own body or your own sexuality.  PLEASE get out the dictionary and read the definition of both....THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!


Gee Thanks for the*** Due to violation of terms of service you cannot upload photos. This option will be unavailable for you till 2008-12-22 16:41:48.  I truly do appreciate it and by the way...I do appreciate every inch of my body and my sexuality and ART.  I have also taught my children the same; never to be ashamed of their bodies.  Art  is a very important part of our daily lives ...Imagine a world without ART.... How sad the entire world would be! :(


Take care all;

Bluedahlia aka Rhonda



PS:  Someone really has it in for me here.....every time i turn around;  either pictures are deleted off my profiles or my blogs never ever seem to make it to the blog space.......gee....wonder how that happens:(  I thought a blog is freedom of speech?  How come i am being singled out?